Why do Chinese students need a program like ELT Edge?

We believe that to succeed in today's world, it is:

helpful to speak and understand English and to be able to interact well with foreigners, especially business people.

helpful to understand how to lead and influence others.

helpful to be able to relate to people well and to treat them with respect, honor, and kindness.

helpful to have a vision for who you are, where you would like to go, and how you are going to get there.

necessary for you to find a way to give yourself away to something bigger than yourself.

necessary to promote peace, understanding, and love through words and deeds.

necessary to be a person of character.

Our hope is that each of our students grow in the following characteristics through their time with the ELT Edge program. We believe these characteristics give meaning, significance and purpose to life:

honesty, perseverance, confidence, humility, love, compassion, trustworthiness, faithfulness, loyalty, other-centeredness, leadership, generosity, vision, team-work, servanthood, understanding and hope.

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