The ELT Edge is a nonprofit, educational organization intending to

Teach English and leadership skills to Chinese college students in order to develop closer relationships, foster cultural exchange, and provide principles of life and business that will result in economic and personal success.

Recruit and deploy short-term groups to go to China to teach English in universities. These short-term groups will be ambassadors of goodwill, teachers, models with positive character traits and friends to all their students.

Sponsor two-week summer camps to teach English and leadership training on university campuses. The programs will not be limited to classroom experience, but will involve small group discussions, games, lectures, cultural exchanges, team-building, problem-solving activities, music and entertainment.

Recruit and train American English teachers on behalf of universities in China that desire to have foreign expert teachers join their foreign language department. Our hope is that our teachers not only share the gift of English, but cultivate life-long relationships with the students and impart character qualities that bring about success in life.
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